Frequently Asked Questions

1. About eSurveyforCash

eSurveyforCash is a online survey community owned and operated by Purely Research PTE. LTD.. Purely Research is a market research company based in Singapore.

eSurveyforCash offers online surveys and offer cash incentives for memeber who completed the survey.

eSurveyforCash gives you the opportunity to make a difference with your opinions.

There are many brands that would like to hear your opinion about their products. Your feedback whether positive or negative, will provide valuable insights to their product development.

You will get a chance to influence the world you are living in and make it better!

2. About Membership

Just click the Sign Up Button on the top right, fill out your basic information to create your account. Once your account is created, an email will be sent to your mailbox. Just look out for this email in your mailbox and click the email verifying button. You will be formally a valuable member of eSurveyforCash.

You can choose to unsubscribe to stop receiving our emails at any time. Just click "You may click this link to unsubscribe from receiving new suvey emails" link in the invite email, then you will not receive any more emails from us. However, you can still access and login to your account to check available surveys for you.

You can only earn cash by completing the surveys sent to you. Once you reached the minimum cash out threshold, you can cash out through Paypal or other available payment methods indicated on our membership page. Please do allow 5 working days for us to proceed your cash redemption request once it is submitted.

No, your points will be always there until cash out or until you unsubscribed with eSurveyforCash.

3. About Online Surveys

We will send you an email invitation whenever there is a survey available for you. However, in order not to spam your mailbox, we might limit the number of emails sent per day. It is suggested for you to login to your eSurveyforCash account on daily basis to see if there are surveys available for you.

Please try fill all the profiling information provided on the left of the memebership portal. Surveys are selected based on the information provide to increase your chances of qualifying.

Please read below introduction and guidance to help you complete online surveys successfully!

You will not be qualified for all surveys
Each survey is targeting different population, some are easy to target like age, gender, but some are not targetable like your purchase activities in the past months. If you got screened out, just move on to next available survey.

Take your time and read the questions
Survey might disqualify you if you are not reading the questions, just clicking away the options – if you provided contradictory answers, same option for all answers (such as option A for all questions), or completing the survey too fast (you took 2 minutes to complete for a usual 10 minutes survey), etc..

Input meaningful words
Some surveys might ask you to input your opinions or brand names in words. Please do not put meaningless characters or words just to click through. All completed surveys with meaningless answers will be rejected.

Complete the survey as soon as you can
All surveys have a limited quota for certain age, gender, etc., please try to complete the survey as soon as you can before all quotas are open. Once certain quotas are closed, you will be rejected and will not be able to complete the survey.

4. About Privacy

Your personal privacy is very important. We will never provide your personal information such as your name, email, phone number to any third party unless we obtained your approval. We will always seek your approval if any surveys are asking personal private information. Please check our Privacy Policy for details.